Register for International update in endo by Dr. Yoshi Terauchi

International update in endo by Dr. Yoshi Terauchi

02 December 2021 9:00 am - 05 December 2021 5:00 pm

On December 4-5, 2021 Dr. Yoshi Terauchi for the first time holds a large international Update in Endodontics "at home" in Tokyo, to which doctors from all over the world are invited.

Course program

December, 02

Guided tour around the most important and beautiful places of Tokyo city. Optional tour.

December, 03

Guided tour to a coastal town in Kanagawa Prefecture (an hour south of Tokyo). Favourite place of Dr. Terauchi in Japan. Optional tour.

December, 04

How to differentiate non-odontogenic pain:

  1. Differential diagnosis of non-odontogenic pain and odontogenic pain
  2. What is responsible for odontogenic pain and how to retreat the tooth in pain?
  3. What do you have to see on CBCT images in making an accurate diagnosis

The concept of endodontic retreatment:

  1. Where are the bacteria causing apical periodontitis?
  2. Where are the typical places for bacteria to form biofilms?

Removal of gutta-percha root filling materials and biofilms:

  1. Why do the gutta-percha root fillings have to be removed in retreatment?
  2. What is the most efficient technique to remove root fillings?
  3. Presentation of the new Terauchi ultrasonic sharpener

Live-demonstration on a microscope:
Latest techniques of removing the filling materials using the new Terauchi ultrasonic sharpener

December, 04

You can also additionally book the get-together dinner with Dr. Terauchi on November, 30. The dinner will be held in one of the oldest typical restaurants of Tokyo “Gonpachi Nishi-Azabu “Kill Bill”. This will be a special dinner in a traditional Japanese style.

December, 05

Predictable and minimally invasive instrument retrieval:

  1. Preparation of yourself
  2. Diagnosis and treatment planning for broken file removal (BFR)
  3. Concepts of BFR
  4. Two key preparation techniques
  5. Two predictable removal techniques
  6. Case reports
  7. Presentation of the new Terauchi file designed to remove non-visible broken instruments in the canal

Management of ledged canals:

  1. How do you prevent ledge formation?
  2. What are the predictable and practical techniques to bypass ledges
  3. Presentation of the new Terauchi hand file to bypass ledges


  1. What do you want to irrigate?
  2. What is the most efficient technique for irrigating the canal?

MTA obturation in retreatment (Perforation repair):

  1. Comparisons of clinical properties and root canal preparation between gutta-pecha and MTA as a root filling material
  2. Predictable techniques for MTA obturation and perforation repair
  3. Presentation of the new Terauchi MTA obturation device

Dr. Yoshi Terauchi MD, DDS, Tokyo, Japan

“I’ve been doing a lot of research in endodontics and I’m having some incredible results in my hands now. I’m going to share with you my latest techniques and innovations in Tokyo which I have never shown before. This is the very first time I organize such a big international update in endodontics at my home in Japan. I invite doctors from all around the world. This will be a huge meeting. Can’t wait!”
Dr. Yoshi Terauchi

Dr. Terauchi is a part-time Professor at Tokyo Medical & Dental University and maintains a private practice limited to endodontics since 1998 in Tokyo, Japan. He earned his DDS in 1993 and completed his residency at Tokyo Medical & Dental University in 1995, where he also received his PhD from the Department of Endodontics. He has published numerous articles in peer- reviewed journals nationally and internationally. He also authored in several chapters in textbooks including the 11th edition of Pathways of the Pulp.

Special guest: Dr. Arnaldo Castellucci MD, DDS, Florence, Italy

Arnaldo Castellucci is Founder and President of the Micro-Endodontic Training Center in Florence (Italy), where he teaches and gives hands-on courses on nonsurgical and surgical Endodontics and where he has trained several thousand dentists microscope-assisted endodontic techniques. International lecturer, he gave presentations at National and International Congresses all around the world.

Kamakura (Dr. Terauchi's favourite place in Japan)

When you think about the best temples near Tokyo, often it’s Kamakura that comes to mind first. Kamakura was effectively the country’s capital during the Kamakura period of history between 1185 and 1333. It was during this period that the country saw the creation of the samurai warriors and the feudalism in Japan. To support this, enormous temple complexes were built with religious and political significance. It was an extremely influential part of the country’s history and what remains in Kamakura today reflects that.

For visitors to Japan, a day trip to Kamakura is one of the best ways to spend your time. But there are lots of things to do in Kamakura and you’ll need to have a bit of a plan to make the most of the trip. Weve put together this Kamakura day trip itinerary that will take you to the highlights and show you a good mix of the variety on offer here.

Venue of the meeting IOI Conference Center (Akasaka Prince Hotel)

Kioicho Conference Center is a part of one of the greatest hotels in Tokyo – Akasaka Prince Hotel. This is an area with deep ties to the Tokugawa family. Located in the historical place of Kioicho, at a magnificent location, the “Kioi Conference” complex offers visitors a glimpse of the future in an environment that features excellent service and comfort.

How to get there by train:

  • Directly connected to Nagatacho Station/1-minute walk from Akasaka-mitsuke Station
  • Access to 5 Tokyo Metro lines (Yurakucho Line, Hanzomon Line, Namboku Line, Ginza Line and Marunouchi Line)

How to get there by bus:

  • Limousine bus service between Tokyo Garden Terrace and Narita and Haneda airports

Exact address of the venue is: 1-4 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Get-together dinner with Dr. Terauchi in a Japanese Style

Japan is definitely a country for fish lovers: there are many specialties that attract foodies, but for sure fish and sushi are never missing in the menus. On November,30 in the end of the first day of the event we are organizing a get-together dinner with Dr. Terauchi. The dinner will be held in one of the oldest traditional restaurants of Tokyo – Gonpachi Nishi-Azabu “Kill Bill”. This will be mainly tempura and sushi, but believe us – this will be sushi you have never tried before!!!

By the way, if you like Kill Bill movie, you will immediately recognize this place! Quentin Tarantino had dinner here one night and he got so inspired by the interior of the restaurant that he based the set of one of his famous “Kill Bill” fight scenes (“The Bride VS Gogo Yubari”) on this place. That got this place the name “Kill Bill Restaurant Tokyo” forever!

Due to restaurant space limitations we have to limit the number of places – there are only 50 seats available for the dinner. Please make sure you have made your reservation on time if you want to join us for the dinner.

Language of the meeting

“Update in endodontics by Dr. Terauchi in Tokyo” is a big international project. We expect doctors coming from all around the world. The main official language of the event is English.

Visa Support

Citizens of 68 countries coming to Japan for tourism purposes including Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK and almost all European nations don’t require a Visa and will be granted permission for short-term stay upon arrival.

Visitors from outside these 68 countries must apply for a visa in advance. Click here to link to the official Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website for further information.

If you need a Visa to enter Japan, once you register for the event you will receive an official Invitation Visa Support letter from the organizer of the event “Dental Arts Academy”.


This international meeting is organized by:

Partners of event and exhibition

During the meeting there will be organized a large exhibition of the latest technologies in modern endodontics, including the latest innovations of Dr. Terauchi. If your company is interested in becoming an exhibitor, please feel free to contact us at